My promise

I have surrounded myself with a highly qualified team of experts who will go out of their way to ensure my collectors and partners are 100% satisfied.  Although I am not involved in the day-to-day running of the gallery and sales, the buck stops with me. It is my commitment to ensure that this promise prevails and is always honoured.

"art.ryno promises to produce high quality art to all interested parties, incuding materials, methods and frames (where applicable). We will guarantee safe packaging and only use the most reliable couriers and transportation suppliers. We only deal with ethically- and morally sound partners and organisations, and will dissociate ourselves without fail where it may come to light that this is not the case. Collectors become part of the art.ryno family, and we will therefore look after you as such. We love maintaining a close relationship with our collectors and to keep track of where Ryno's art is showcased in the world. We do however maintain the strictest level of confidentiality where required and will never divulge sales or owner details without prior agreement and/or consent."

This is my promise,

Modern Slavery Act 2015

Ryno's statement issued in 2024

 "art.ryno, Van Eeden Ltd and all it's stakeholders are committed in making sure that human trafficking and slavery do not form part of our supply chains. We oppose in the strongest possible way, any use of slavery or human trafficking in the provisioning of our supllies, materials, products and services, and promote ethical and lawful business practices. art.ryno will not tolerate or condone any form of policy or practice that constitutes human trafficking or slavery in any form whatsoever. This policy complies with the UK Modern Slavery Act 2015."

Our suppliers and material resources:

The creation of art pieces requires materials and resources and are an important part of our success and quality standards. We expect each business partner, supplier, collaborator, and sponsor, to conduct their business with the same commitment to ethical business practices as art.ryno. This includes the following:

  • Not use slave labour, illegal child labour or forced labour
  • Ensure that the overall terms of employment are voluntary
  • Follow all local employment laws regarding minimum age requirements, wages, overtime benefits and the number of hours worked in a seven-day week
  • From time to time certify that they conform to the expectations above
  • Be able to demonstrate compliance with our policies at the request and satisfaction of art.ryno.

art.ryno will maintain internal accountability standards and procedures to uphold our standards and policy regarding slavery and human trafficking. art.ryno will promptly and thoroughly investigate any claim or indication that a business partner, supplier, collaborator, or sponsor is engaging in human trafficking or slave labour. If anyone is found in violation of this policy, we will take prompt, remedial action to address the violation, including reporting it to the necessary legislative authorities.

Diversity and Inclusion

Ryno accepts every person as they are, regardless of sexuality, faith, culture, nationality, religion, skin colour, illness, handicap, dietary preference or whatever society may deem as not normal ( what is normal?), except where they reject or contravene our policies as stipulated here:

At art.ryno our policy on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion promotes respect, fairness, openness, and inclusively in all our endeavours.

Our Policy encourages our employees, partners, or any affiliated party to raise concerns about any form of malpractice.

Our Code of Conduct outlines the expectations we have towards everyone who interacts with us and includes:

  • Employment Standards (which includes Freedom of Association, Diversity and Equality, Pay and Benefits, Working Hours, Forced or Involuntary Labour and Child Labour)
  • Good Competition and Anti-trust practices
  • Commitment to health, safety and the environment
  • Bribery and corruption prevention practices
  • Not condone or participate in hate speech and false propaganda
  • Not condone or be involved in crimes against humanity
  • Not involved in war-mongering
  • Not condone or express any Homophobia or anti-LGBTQ+ behaviour
  • Have policies against financial Crime and money laundering.
  • To not purposefully take advantage of and abuse the work or talents of any artist or person.

We also support and campaign against any form of abuse, bullying and neglect towards children, women and men or any person regardless of their age or gender.

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